MES in Action

I have a say!

Winning the 1st place in a debate competition is not an easy job! Congratulations Yara Dowidar, senior student of 2014 on such an achievement. It all started when MES decided to participate in the Debate competition organized by Goethe Institute. Goethe provided a specialized workshop for interested teachers and students, Mrs. Minert Darwich, MES German Senior and Mr. Mamdouh Moafi, Arabic Teacher in addition to Yara Dowidar, senior, Hussein Badr, and Karim El Hammady. This team came back to school, created a Debate Club, trained some candidates and participated with 6 students. Yara Dowidar won the cup, but it didnít stop there! MES also participated in another competition and Menna Hesham won the fourth place! Debate skills became one of MES studentsí talents which we are so proud of!