MES in Action


MES has been privileged with hosting its first Model United Nations; the MESMUN, the fruit of the joint cooperation of students and instructors. This cooperation resulted in a very well respected, well organized conference. Our delegates in the Academic committees and their peers in the Organizing Committees showed exemplary punctuality and efficiency in their work, at the same time exhibiting a deep knowledge and understanding of their discussed topics. The conference went smoothly and was very prosperous in its outcome.

We would like to thank all those who registered for the conference from other schools and hope they have benefited from their experience. The wonderful spirit can be seen through these pictures; a prevailing sense of equality and a hope to better the world, united all delegates and organizers alike.

This is something we as MES are proud of instilling within all students.

It was a grand experience that ended in a grand ceremony. The conference was a success among the delegates, and the entire evening was further elevated by comments presented by His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Kazem, Deputy Assisstant Minister of Foreign Affairs and Mr. Alfred Assil, Head of the PTA.

A special thanks goes out to Abdelhamid Tawfik, an MES senior, the School President and the main founder and acting Secretary General of MESMUN.