MES in Action

Youssef, You did it

For the 4th year in a row, Modern Education Schools participated in the yearly debate competition initiated and organized by Goethe Institute..... The preliminary round took place in 3 premises, one of them was MES. 

The MES team showed dedication and enthusiasm and it consisted of:

Youssef Fawzy                         1st Sec

 Hanna Mostafa                      IGCSE 1

 Menna Salah                    2nd Secondary

 Youssef Korayem                  Grade 9

Farah Bassem                          Year 9

Modern Education Schools is proud to announce that Youssef Fawzy, 1st Secondary, won 3rd place in the final round of the debate competition organized by Goethe Institute.....

Congratulations and way to go Youssef!

A big cheer to Mrs. Minert Darwish, Mr. Sabry and Mr. Nagmeldin for the professional and intensive training....
MES teachers, you rock!